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Comb Lift, European

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Rear Load No Kick Bar

The ETL series cart lifter was specifically designed by Bayne Premium Lift Systems to lift and dump European style carts. This cart lifter, or cart tipper, safely holds and secures the European style container using a finger support bar and an automatically engaging clamp bar. The ETL cart lifter can be used in rear load, side load, or stationary industrial applications. These cart lifters may be combined with a vertical assembly to make an EVTL lifter. EVTL models add 9″, 15″, 24″, or 34″ of vertical travel and 3 1/2″ of thickness to the ETL lifter.

  • Cart Compatibility

    ANSI Z245.60-2008 Type C Containers (European comb-lift carts)
  • Lift Capacity

    1100 Actuator: 400 lbs. @ 1800 psi (16", 20", 24" arms) 400 lbs. @ 2500 psi (28", 32", 34" arms) 2200 Actuator: 700 lbs. @ 1800 psi (16", 20", 24" arms) 700 lbs. @ 2500 psi (28", 32", 34" arms)
  • Hydraulic Pressure

    3000 psi maximum (lifter only) 2500 psi maximum (with vertical)
  • Hydraulic Flow

    2.0 - 2.5 gpm
  • Cycle Time

    6 - 8 seconds (lifter only) 8 - 10 seconds (with 9" vertical) 14 - 16 seconds (with 15" or 24" vertical) 24 - 26 seconds (with 34" vertical)
  • Bearings

    Self-Lubricating Composite Material
  • Actuator

    Patented ThinlineĀ® Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuator
  • Finish

    Safety Yellow Powder Coating
  • Options

    Hydraulic Tap-In Kit Mounting Plate Kit for Bolt-On Applications Commercial Container Bumper Kit

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