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Bayne designs and manufactures high-quality, reliable cart lifters for cafeterias and other college and university locations to save time, reduce costs, and protect workers from back and other injuries associated with heavy lifting during waste collection and disposal activities.

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Swing-A-Way Lifter

Ideal for use at or behind the cafeteria, the patent-pending Swing-A-Way Lifter works with a 6-yard front-loading refuse container. It requires little space to operate, enables the use of lighter mil and lower-cost trash bags, and lifts up to 500 pounds.

  • Lifts up to 500 lbs.
  • 15-second cycle time
  • Electrical: 110-volt single phase or 230/460-volt 3-phase
  • Available solar option provides an environmentally friendly solution for outdoor applications
  • Uses food-grade hydraulic oil

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Food Service Series Lifter

The Food Service series cart lifter can also be used inside college and university cafeterias. It’s sized to fit typical round food waste containers and rectangular food waste containers and can lift up to 500 pounds. Equipped with a chute to prevent spillage, this cart lifter can be fixed or movable and includes fork pockets for easy transport.

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Taskmaster Hi-Lift Lifter

The Taskmaster Hi-Lift Lifter can be mounted on the side of a trash compactor located behind the cafeteria and on compactors used for regular trash that are located around the college and university campuses. It works with standard 2-bar roll-out carts, lifts up to 750 pounds, and has a powder-coated finish to stand up to the elements.

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College/School Waste Cart Lifters Product Brochure

Download our Medical Waste Products brochure for more information.

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